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Ghatak is an Indian family name and surname found amongst Bengali Hindu Brahmins. Ghataks literally, one who makes things happen or matchmakers were middleman who established links between the two parties in a marriage. In the past it was not the custom of Indian society, especially of Bengali society, to allow boys and girls to mix freely. This is why the services of Ghataks were widely used to arrange marriages. Many Ghataks were professionals, and matchmaking was their source of livelihood. When the matchmaking resulted in a wedding, Ghataks used to be rewarded by both parties. In the past, educated and respectable people used to take up matchmaking as a profession. They were known as ‘Kulacharya’ and used to maintain books with detailed histories of families. Some of these books have been used as sources for writing the history of Bengal. They used to enjoy a great deal of social prestige.

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Its membership includes representatives at the highest level of the relevant ministries — industry, finance, planning, textiles, as well as others, such as the Governor of Bangladesh Bank and heads of some business associations. The functions of the BOI include investment promotion at home and abroad, registration of industrial projects, approval of payments for royalties and other fees when they exceed prescribed limits, issuance of work permits to expatriates, allotment of land in industrial areas, approval of terms and conditions for loans and credit, and assisting investors in acquiring infrastructure facilities.

The BOI also includes a one stop-service center that offers pre-investment counseling, facilitation of utility connections and assistance with import clearance and warehousing licenses. Chambers of Commerce Bangladesh has a substantial number of business associations which play an important role in the economy. The basic objectives and principal activities of these bodies are broadly similar: It holds consultative meetings with the Government, makes representations on policy matters, and provides advisory services to investors.

FBCCI is also the body that advises the Government on budgetary measures on behalf of the private sector.

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British Citizen Parents originally from Bangladesh, Sylhet, Bishnath Religious Muslimah – Sunni, observes prayer, fasts etc and modesty through hijab and does not mix with men. Education Bachelors in advertising and Marketing 2. Mother is Aminah Begum, housewife.

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The miracle is that I had the courage to start. Smash is a new official Slush side-event, dedicated to sport, technology and start-ups. Smash is an arena for curiosity, meeting and developing, where new perspectives, ideas and partners are waiting to be found.

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Recruiter in residence for startups. A business named Zirtual. Then growing fast caught up with us, and the last seven days have been a spiral like I have never experienced before in my life. So what went wrong? Zirtual was not flush with capital — for as many people as we had, we were extremely lean. This also meant that all of our clients immediately lost their support. The outcome breaks my heart — hundreds of our people out of work and thousands of people losing a service they loved, and paid for, overnight.

I cannot express my deep sorrow at letting down our employees, our clients and our investors. But in reality every time I am alone I cry like someone whose child has been ripped from her arms. I cry for all the employees we hurt. I cry for all the clients we infuriated.


Customised Business Matchmaking Process We offer the Business Matchmaking in response to needs expressed by start-ups, small-business owners and entrepreneurs, who are looking for innovative technologies and services to connect with foreign markets. We are dedicated to promote new business partnerships in the sanitation, water and resource management sector around the globe.

We connect businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs through structured and facilitated matchmaking services where local partners are key to entering new markets and establishing a presence:

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