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What do you mean “hmm yes? Alphonse hasn’t come back yet? What that kid doing? I’m a bit worried. Maybe he got kidnapped? Izumi, Sig, and Mason: It was another person who bound my soul to this suit of armor, so I don’t know anything.

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Someone Who Transforms Things for the Better Today we recognize alchemy as a pseudoscience, and give chemistry its rightful place as a serious scientific field, but the two terms initially overlapped in meaning before separating by the 17th century, just as astrology and astronomy did during the same period. Alchemy and alchemist are in fact older words than chemistry and chemist in English. Their secretive experiments, usually involving heat and the mixing of liquids, led to the development of pharmacology and the rise of modern chemistry.

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Yes anon of course!! She wanted to see her so desperately. She denied at first, considering her shy nature… Going there would implicate having to socialize with a bunch of strangers, but… Her love insisted. So here she was, walking slowly to the entrance, suitcase in hand. Olivier Armstrong was indeed, her queen. She stood proudly, waiting for her, with a huge smile on her face. She ran the final distance and hugged her with all her force. Slowly, their lips met in a heated kiss.

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Question by author KarasuvsKurama. His rank never changed, but Hughes’ did because he is a lieutenant colonel, too. Question by author downdirty Brotherhood [6] click to play it. Question by author kyleisalive. Kimblee When Father pulls his God to the planet, a white light engulfs Amestris but everything beneath remains in total darkness.

Apr 03,  · 1. Copy the stages of life below. 2. Put you’re iPod on shuffle. 3. Write down the song that pops up for each question. Let’s see how many are from an anime! If a song is from an anime, put the song title, artist, and name of the anime it’s from No cheating people, this is sposed to be fun ^^ Opening Credits: Waking Up: First Day At School: Falling In Love: Fight Song: Breaking Up: Prom: Life.

The main part of her hair is black while her bangs were dyed a pink-ish color. Her normal outfit is a long green dress to her knees, and a white mini blouse. Her holy mother attire consists of a white baggy dress with a long, light pink shaw. Anime Born in Eastern Amestrian, Rose was someone who believed in religions and was a follower of Cornello. This prophet promised to protect the city with his powerful science that he refers to as miracles as well as “the sun of God Leto” can resurrect the dead.

This type of event would work only if someone was completely devoted to that same belief, and would follow Cornello no matter what. Since she had a loved one die in an accident her boyfriend , Rose was willing to follow these beliefs and say that Edward was insane for disagreeing. This was her last hope to bring back someone she cared about, so if she does well, it is possible that for it to be a better chance to bring back her boyfriend.

Edward helps reveal the secret of Cornello, and realizes that he uses his “miracles” to transmute the boyfriend into an unknown bird-like creature. As Cornello was defeated, Edward states that she “has two perfectly good feet to stand on” and should move on from this event. Later on in the anime, her town gets slaughtered and attacked by the military, as she was the holy mother.

What order do you watch/read Fullmetal Alchemist in?

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Copy Link Copied advertising With the rise in box office dominance from the Asian markets , it comes as no surprise that manga adaptations are a hot commodity. Despite outcries over claims of whitewashing surrounding Ghost in the Shell and its casting, that film is still expected to have a big impact on the overseas markets. The recent announcement of Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki coming out of retirement again for one last film also stirred up much excitement from fans of manga and anime.

With the release of the first teaser for the live action Fullmetal Alchemist back in November, this adaptation is picking up steam as it moves closer to its winter release date.

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I don’t “hang out” with anyone. Whoever is currently useful to me. Oh boy, they’re going down I give advice on the matter and wish I could do more. I find that pretty unlikely since I don’t care about anyone. You’re passing through a town and quickly notice that something is amiss, everyone seems to be dying from a mysterious plague! What do you do? I use my amazing alchemy powers to heal everyone: P I feel terrible but move on. There’s nothing I can do. I stay and help out in any way I can.

OMG is it contagious?!

15 Anime Like Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood [Must Watch!]

Born in the village of Resembool from the country of Amestris, the two brothers lived there with their mother. Their father, Van Hohenheim, left home for unknown reasons and years later, their mother Trisha Elric died of a terminal illness, leaving the Elric brothers alone. After their mother’s death, Edward became determined to bring her back through the use of alchemy, an advanced science in which objects can be created from raw materials.

They researched Human Transmutation, a forbidden art in which one attempts to create or modify a human being. However, this attempt failed, ultimately resulting in the loss of Edward’s left leg and Alphonse’s entire body. In a desperate effort to save his brother, Edward sacrificed his right arm to affix Alphonse’s soul to a suit of armor.

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This is where all the news and announcements go. The background story may not seem that relevant but it is required to understand it to actually participate in the plot. That way you can actually decide what role you want to play with your character in this world. Just post a topic in here and introduce yourself. You’ll be greeted by most members and feel a lot more welcome.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Opening 4 Chemistry. Amestris is a Unitary State, with a population of about 50 million and a Parliamentary Republic type of Government.

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Romanesque capital representing lust According to the Catholic Encyclopedia , a Christian’s heart is lustful when “venereal satisfaction is sought for either outside wedlock or, at any rate, in a manner which is contrary to the laws that govern marital intercourse”. However, when sexual desire is separated from God’s love, it becomes disordered and self-seeking. This is seen as lust. The Latin for extravagance Latin: In Romanesque art , the personified Luxuria is generally feminine, [7] often represented by a siren or a naked woman with breasts being bitten by snakes.

Prudentius in his Psychomachia or Battle of the Soul had described [8] Luxury, lavish of her ruined fame, Loose-haired, wild-eyed, her voice a dying fall, Lost in delight

Anime Quiz by Bad Description. Fullmetal Alchemist. All hell breaks loose on a train. Bookworm discovers the wonders of coffee after his first dinner date and decides to work for a coffee shop. Tokyo Ghoul. The setting is a cruel school where your studying conditions are affected by your grades. Follow a group of students as they band.

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She is their neighbour and Edward’s personal Automail Mechanic. She normally dresses up in a black tube top, with blue, loose pants and has a sweatshirt tied around her waist. She wears a bandana on her head and wears two earrings on both her ears. Her appearance changes when she is travelling. She wars a white wife-beater with a black suit jacket and black mini skirt with thigh high boots. She is an orphan.

She is Edward and Alphonse’s childhood friend and has been with them through all the tough times, including the death of their mother, and losing their bodies. Her parents were doctors without borders and never differentiated when it came to patients’ race, age, creed, religion etc. They left Winry when she was just a child to tend to the injured in the Ishval war. But since they were pure Amestrian and Ishval is a sheltered country of different ethnicity, the Amestrian army disliked the Rockbells for helping the Ishvalans and the Ishvalan rioters disliked the Rockbells for being Amestrian.

But not being deterred by that, they continued helping both Ishvalans and Amestrians who were involved in the Civil War. All he could think that these blue eyes Amestrians are the reason his brother is dead and in a fit of rage, he killed the Rockbells. In the beginning Winry doesn’t know that Scar killed her parents, but when she hears him talking about it, she loses her mind.

She picks up a gun and points at Scar.

Can You Guess The Anime ? ( Hardest Quiz ever only Audio no Visual )