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Claire has been a Project Archaeologist at Lifeways since , taking on the role of Office Manager in Claire’s archaeological field experience is vast, having worked on projects in the Boreal Forests of northern Alberta, in the High Arctic of the Northwest Territories, throughout the interior of British Columbia, in the American Southwest, and throughout Africa including Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, and Cameroon. While working in Africa Claire gained much experience in all aspects of project management, playing an integral role in excavating complex archaeological sites. Her main areas of expertise became the analyses of ceramics and historic period artifacts. Closer to home Claire has been heavily involved in large complex project across the Province of Alberta. Her knowledge in historic artifacts transferred easily to local historic sites, and she has since gained a wide range of knowledge in lithic analysis as well. Currently Claire runs the Lifeways office and oversees the logistics of most of our projects.

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Life and career — Trace as a vocalist and guitarist for the electronic pop band Metro Station , [9] Noah as an actress, Braison as a fashion model, and Brandi as a journalist. I want to be an actress. Breakthrough with Hannah Montana and early musical releases Cyrus auditioned for the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana when she was eleven years old.

– With the advent of the War in Europe, by June , the US invoked the Telecommunications Convention prohibiting US amateurs from contacting hams outside the USA. Also all portable and mobile operation below 56 MHz was banned. All licensees were required to send a set of fingerprints, a photo, and proof of citizenship to the FCC.

Her grandmother wore light makeup to hide the dark complexion she had inherited from her father. Edwards, [7] ten plays at Drama Centre London, the Company of Angels production of Sense, [8] and two commercials for Samaritans. She was cast after fellow British actress Tamzin Merchant was replaced for undisclosed reasons. Her portrayal of Daenerys, tracing an arc from frightened girl to empowered woman, has been praised highly. Matthew Gilbert of The Boston Globe called her scenes “mesmerizing”, adding that “Clarke doesn’t have a lot of emotional variety to work with as Daenerys, aside from fierce determination, and yet she is riveting.

Club commented on the difficulty of adapting such an evolution from page to screen, but concluded that “Clarke [ Critical reaction to the film was mostly positive, though it was a commercial failure. A Star Wars Story at the Cannes Film Festival In May , it was announced that she had joined the feature film Garden of Last Days alongside James Franco , [27] but the movie was scrapped two weeks before production was due to begin. Clarke was offered the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey but turned down the part because of the nudity required.

In , Clarke starred as the female lead, opposite Sam Claflin , in the movie adaption of the best selling book of the same name , Me Before You , released on 3 June She played the lead as Nurse Verena, in the film Voice from the Stone which was released on April in limited release , video on demand and digital HD.


The History of Wireless: Either audibly or by radio – DX will be!! DX is an early telephone term for distant exchange.

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From up to , National provided Airways companies with HRO receivers for use at airports and for airway navigation uses. The RCD provided specific airways features like squelch, relay controlled speaker selection and audio bandpass filters and single audio amplifier output sections designed for either Z ohm lines or Z ohm speakers that had internal output transformers. No S-meters, no crystal filters and most importantly, no external power supply.

Undoubtedly, the Airways companies found the HRO, with its numerous idle coils and separate power supply, somewhat difficult to install and maintain. The RCD and its successors were self-contained receivers only requiring a loud speaker or telephones. This station was basically the aeronautical communications to various airplanes providing weather, flight information and other necessary communications to “in flight” aircraft.

Note that there are “banks” of HRO receivers but notice the three receivers near the rear-most operator. The top receiver is the HRO Junior. Date is probably These receivers generally will have a National Audio Output transformer installed in the chassis area behind the S-meter and adjacent to the antenna terminals. This area of the standard chassis already had mounting holes and lead thru holes for an audio transformer, implying that National anticipated some customers requiring this option.

This would especially be true for many commercial users as well as the military. In fact, some National catalogs do mention that any audio output configuration could be provided.


What someone believes first is hard to change or dislodge. Take advantage of your opening. The opening statement is made when jurors usually are the most attentive. Using a clear theme and reinforcing it with strong language chosen to produce a specific perception in the minds of jurors can help you persuade jurors even before presentation of the evidence.

Without a doubt the finest creation to come from National Company, Inc. was their HRO Communications Receiver. Introduced in October (first production run January with first deliveries in March ,) the HRO featured incredible performance capabilities coupled with an anachronistic, almost scientific instrument appearance that certainly appealed to the technically-minded ham.

The list consists of designers and maker’s marks that have been difficult to find in reference materials so far. When information is found it will appear with credit given to the person who provided it. Thank you, in advance, for your assistance. US silver companies such as Gorham and Tiffany often used both marks in the late ‘s.

Britain never used a standard less than Hence why British silver is sought after pre hundreds. Britain would not accept any standard below as silver. Most European countries up until s used s. Places like Egypt still today only use silver information provided by Vanessa Paterson.

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Receivers I am partial to the receivers in my collection of vintage shortwave radios. Although modern receiver technology bears little resemblence to the primitive designs of a half-century ago, some early receivers were masterpieces of workmanship and engineering. Below is a sampling of receivers from my collection that have historical significance or were technological pace-setters.

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Radio Nacional, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – In shortwave days of yore, stations interested in making ongoing contact with listeners sent out periodic program schedules, informing listeners of upcoming programs. It is in Portuguese and English, and it contains much interesting information, including a description and photos of the station, a day-by-day list of the programs, with fuller descriptions of certain programs, news of Brazil’s war effort, and reception reports from listeners.

Radio Nacional operated with 50 kw. Also listed on p. It handled international communications on both longwave and shortwave. It describes Rugby’s important role in international radio telephone traffic, and also mentions on the last page Rugby’s role in international program relaying. The pamphlet was apparently part of a larger package of items, as it mentions an “accompanying map designed by Mr. These are professionally-reproduced copies of the highly-stylized Gill map, which also contains several inset views of the Rugby setup.

The map is available in several sizes. We have also posted a postcard with views of the Rugby station. Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Ltd. The first photo is dated , and the others are likely from around the same time.

Pilot Electric Manufacturing Company also claimed to be “The World’s Largest Radio Parts Plant” in the twenties and they did build all of the parts supplied with their kits. Though not the first Shortwave receiver kit offered by Pilot, the three-tube “Wasp” was certainly their first really popular Shortwave receiver kit. The plug-in coils selected the tuning ranges that covered meters to 17 meters or about kc up to

I cried myself to sleep last night, more discouraged about America than I could ever remember. We worked so hard to get to an enviable place in our pursuit of that more perfect union, to a level of human and civil rights, of social justice and the rule of law, which was the envy of the world.

There are separate web page for the motorcycle equipment and the equipment used from present. Raymond Cato approved a number of early radio experiments in the summer of to evaluate the feasibility of dispatching patrols by radio, with favorable results, however it was not until some years later that radio equipment was formally and uniformly placed into most of the patrol’s fleet.

It was described in the April, issue of Highway Patrolman magazine, and was used primarily as a method of bringing radio coverage to areas in need of it on a temporary basis, such as the site of natural disasters, etc. This trailer went through a number of different equipment configurations. A photo of it, shown in the new book California Highway Patrol by Rick Mattos, shows a National NC receiver for monitoring other base transmitters, incorrectly described as an HRO by the author and a home made rack and panel transmitter.

The CHP began with one-way radio, i. Funds were scarce due to the depression, and the CHP had little money to finance construction of transmitters, so they were hand-built with parts funded by donations, raffles and fundraisers held in the particular counties where the stations were to be installed. The transmitters came in three models: The stations initially operated on KHz and later, during the War, a secondary frequency of KHz was added. Los Angeles County had three of the Watt stations in use.

One of the first stations was located on an oil derrick in Baldwin Hills, California!

They didn’t have anything new or ready for production for the model year. The major changes during the war involved the crystal filter design, the changeover to metal octal tubes, a new non-ventilated cabinet and the use of mostly JAN parts. As with the late-WWII coil sets, the post-war coil sets used a single aluminum plate with silk-screened graphs. Many of the HRO receivers sold by National in the early post-WWII period will have several variations that seem to confirm that National was trying to “clear out” old stock.

Early life and family. Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke was born on 23 October in London, and grew up in Berkshire. Her father (died 10 July ) was a theatre sound engineer from Wolverhampton, West Midlands. She has an older brother. Clarke’s interest in acting began at the age of three after seeing the musical Show Boat, on which her father was working.

They are quite rare and very hard to find in such pristine condition. It still has the original patina, dark brown and copper just like the factory produced them. So many of these radios have had the patina polished away, missing the reins or the saddle. Blake has replaced all of the paper capacitors, tested and replaced bad resistors and checked all of the tubes.

He performed a proper alignment, making this little five-tube, AM only radio play like new. A very cool gift for that horse lover, or man cave.

Love Triangles are tricky business. Trust us, we’ve already done the math. It can get particularly twisted when some sides of the triangle are completely one-sided.

National Company Inc. – HRO-5A1. At the end of WWII, most manufacturers had been building for the war effort since They didn’t have anything new or ready for production for the model year.

Actually, some of those conference tips apply even more so as my stamina falls victim to aging such that I have to maximize the value received for time invested. And if you happen to be attending one of my new favorites, by all means say hello, even if we just wave at each other as I ride around on my electric scooter.

Talk, talk, talk and listen, listen, listen because sharing questions, ideas and experiences with colleagues is the point. Bring your list of the folks you follow most on Twitter or Facebook and make it a point to meet them. Leave room in your schedule for serendipity and for nature breaks — well at least nature breaks. And sharing the sinks would also provide opportunities for mixed gender ad hoc discussions of conference-related topics — or not.

Pace yourself when it comes to attending sessions, no matter how wonderful the program is. I like to support my aging memory with an overall itinerary for myself that includes my travel plans, all meetings with agenda, attendee information and logistics, location of the exhibitors I most want to visit, location of the sessions I most want to attend, details on relevant parties, and more.

And while I carry this electronically, I also carry — yes, I really do — a hard copy. Plan your conference in advance. Make those appointments now. Do that outreach and arrange those meetings now. Pick your sessions and, because there are too many good ones for just one person, find a buddy with whom you can divide and conquer.

Posted on February 3, 4 comments I write this post out of a sense of urgent concern. I recently observed an absolutely dismal bail hearing in a FELONY strangulation case presided over by a clueless judge and an uninformed prosecutor. I will not mention the name of the county, judge or prosecutor. Bail was set at an outrageously low dollar amount and the victim and her family were visibly and justifiably upset. The victim looked terrified. The purpose for re-submitting this training update originally published in is to hopefully educate the bench and prosecution of critically important facts that must be considered in every felony strangulation bail hearing.

Hrothgar (Old English: Hrōðgār [ˈr̥oːðgɑːr]; Old Norse: Hróarr) was a Danish king living in the early 6th century.. Hrothgar appears in the Anglo-Saxon epics Beowulf and Widsith, in Norse sagas and poems, and in medieval Danish chronicles. In both Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian tradition, Hrothgar is a Scylding, the son of Halfdan, the brother of Halga, and the uncle of Hrólfr Kraki.

Share This word has many shades of meaning which lexicographers are somewhat puzzled to differentiate sharply. As our interest in it here centres around its ethical and religious significance, we shall treat it only with reference to the ideas attached to it in Holy Scripture and theology. Sometimes the Catholic versions employ brightness, where others use glory.

When this occurs, the original signifies, as it frequently does elsewhere, a physical, visible phenomenon. This meaning is found for instance in Ex. In very many places the term is employed to signify the witness which the created universe bears to the nature of its Creator, as an effect reveals the character of its cause. Frequently in the New Testament it signifies a manifestation of the Divine Majesty, truth, goodness or some other attribute through His incarnate Son, as, for instance, in John, I, Here too, as elsewhere, we find the idea that the perception of this manifested truth works towards a union of man with God.

In other passages glory is equivalent to praise rendered to God in acknowledgment of His majesty and perfections manifested objectively in the world, or through supernatural revelation: The term is used also to mean judgment on personal worth, in which sense the Greek doxa reflects the signification of the cognate verb dokeo: Lastly, glory is the name given to the blessedness of the future life in which the soul is united to God: The texts cited above are representative of multitudes similar in tenor, scattered throughout the sacred writings.

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